Thank you for visiting the Sterilaire website. We take great pride in providing the finest, most practical cleaning equipment available.


When you enter our dealer's showrooms, you will be greeted by a friendly shop owner or a member of his staff who will offer to help you. Sterilaire products are sold through independent vacuum dealers whose success depends on your satisfaction with their products and services. They are experts who know vacuums inside and out. They offer personal assistance in the selection of the best products for your needs. Once they know a few things about your cleaning environment, their experience can help you with the selection of the best product for the job. The internet is a good source of information; however, some products need to be seen to realize their full capabilities. Sterilaire is one of those products. We recommend that you stop by your local authorized Sterilaire dealer for the best source of information available. Regardless of what an online vendor may claim, Sterilaire vacuums sold on eBay or other online sellers are NOT warranted by Sterilaire. Sterilaire backs vacuums sold only through authorized Sterilaire dealers, who offer continuing personal service through "brick & mortar" stores.