In the professional world of cleaning or in a sensitive home environment, efficiency in a vacuum cleaner is measured in two ways:

  1. Sustained performance
  2. Containment of particles collected

Guess what? SIZE MATTERS! Sterilaire equips its units with an oversized filtration system often 50 to 100 times larger than that of other vacuum cleaners. At the heart of the Sterilaire system is a breakthrough in filtration design: Filtrete™ electrostatic media by 3M. The key to Filtrete vacuum filters' performance is the use of a special blend of Filtrete fibers as the filtering material in the bag. Filtrete media is made of 100% polypropylene fibers that are electrostatically charged to to capture small particles. And because particles are trapped throughout the depth of thickness of the material, the media can collect more particles without clogging and reducing airflow. The advantage of electrostatic material like Filtrete is the higher airflow rate allowed and lower cost. It's the perfect filter solution.

Note: 3M, maker of Filtrete is a partner with the American Lung Association in support of the American Lung Association Healthy House Program.

How does electrostatic media rate against other filtration? According to Consumer Reports, it is given the highest rating of "excellent."


Sterilaire's enclosed primary filter is equipped with a seal. When removing the filter from the unit, activation of the seal prevents dust and potentially harmful allergens from billowing into the air.


Problem: The body reacts with congestion, difficulty breathing and headaches caused by airborne allergens. These allergens include dust mites, pet dander, mold, pollen and bacteria. Prescribed medications only treat the symptoms of allergies and asthma linked to indoor pollution. They do nothing to help eliminate the source of the problem!


Quick Facts About Allergies & Asthma

  • 17 million Americans, 28% children, suffer from asthma.
  • The number of reported asthma cases is half again what it was just two decades ago.
  • One third of children's visits to the ER are for asthma attacks.
  • Ten million children miss school each year because of asthma.